Friday, September 10, 2010

New Living room!

     We decided to redecorate the living room. We needed new furniture anyways, and we decided to paint too! The sectional we had was falling apart and it left absolutely no space in the living room. We found a leather reclining sofa and chair for under $900 at Weekends-Only, and bought it that day. The next day I went and bought some paint and finshed that within two days. My boyfriend Chris and his friend John moved the furniture in several days later, and I LOVE IT! We recently did the bathroom and kitchen too, and this house has never looked better. The room still needed a rug and a painting though, I looked and looked, but never found anything. Then 2 days ago found the perfect painting at Kohl's. It matches better than anything I was looking at before, and it was only $30! I finally got a bookshelf in the living room too, and moved all my boyfriends records and his zenith to one of the spare rooms! I didn't mind having them in the living room, but they were in milk crates which 1) looks tacky and 2) it sucked cleaning around them!We're still not completely done, but its getting there! Now were on to fixing up the bedroom too! We just got a new bed in there and this weekend we're going to paint! I'm ready for another project!


Need to get some longer curtains too!


  1. SSOOOOO....i think ur my cuzs no joke lol...thats crazy...jus thought id let you know lol

  2. I like what you did with your living room. Sounds like you got some great deals on the furniture. Painting is always a crap shoot when I do it. I think I must be color blind or something because the colors I choose are always way too bright or don't come close to matching the furniture!

  3. Hey, first thanks for the comment. I actually haven't seen many of those movies. But you should subscribe to my blog. I feel sort of lame I only have 3 followers. I digress though, your living room looks amazing, if i ever have a place and need it decorated i'll let you know. lol