Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Howard Stern leaving?

How can this be? I just starting listening to Howard Stern on Sirius about two years ago. My boyfriend got me hooked on it. At first I was skeptical. I looked at Howard like he was this male chauvinistic pig who humiliated women on his show. Which yes, sometimes he does, but if their willing to come on and be interviewed about their "career" then they obviously don't care. Now I've come to realize that he is an awesome interviewer. I don't particularly like listening to the show when he has porn stars on, but when he just has a famous person on; it's pretty entertaining. I do still think he's a little judgemental, but I agree with his opinions on a lot of things. He says what he thinks and I respect that. My boyfriend has been listening to Howard for God knows how long now. He doesn't even know if he's going to renew his subscription to Sirius if the show cancels. If he leaves Sirius they are going to lose a bunch of subscribers! I'm hoping that maybe last minute he'll change his mind, but if not I guess I'll have to start listening to Z1077 in the morning....bahahaha....not!

I looked for a interview off of Howard Tv, but all I could find was a video where someone put a picture of Seth Mcfarlene and there's the audio from the interview....It's the 2nd half of his interview with Seth Mcfarlene(it's toned down more than some of the shows, since this is a school assignment and all)!!!

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