Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm done smoking!!!

I have decided to quit smoking! For the last week I've been coughing up blood. Ew! I know, right! I don't have any insurance so that's why I didn't rush to the doctor right away. Wednesday after school I decided to go to the ER because I was still coughing up blood and I felt like I could barely catch my breath. It was terrible! I only waited like twenty minutes before they called me back to take blood and they took like six viles. Then they took me for an x-ray. Not to long after that they wanted to take more blood, but this time it was a blood gas test, which is where they have to go into an artery to get blood. It's been two days and my arm is still killing me. They moved me into a room after all that and I had to get an IV. I was given the IV so that when I got a CT scan they could inject dye into me. Yeah, the CT scan wasn't bad until they injected the dye, it was the weirdest feeling ever! The doctor told me it would feel like a hot flash. Obviously I've never had a hot flash before and it was not what I was expecting. It felt like my whole body was extremely warm withen two seconds of him injecting that stuff. After all those tests my doctor came in and told me that I had spots all over my lungs, but she was pretty sure it was pneumonia. She referred me to a pulmonary doctor just to be sure though. Today I went to the pulmonary doctor and she told me that I'll have to get another CT scan after I finish my antobiotics. I'm on like 3 antibiotics and an inhaler. I go back on December 3rd for the CT scan and hopefully this infection is cleared up. Either way I'm done smoking!


  1. I'm glad you have decided to stop smoking. Its a hard habit to break but it sounds like you have a lot of motivation to. I hope everything comes out aright after you finish your antibiotics. It sounds like you have been pretty sick and probably just to busy to notice. That happens to alot of people. Take care of yourself and enjoy the holiday! Turkey makes everything better!

  2. I'm glad you decided to quit smoking!! I did too, so we're in this together!! One time, I had a CT Scan where they did the dye, and I thought I pissed myself, I started crying because I was like 18 and was so embarassed. But, in all reality, I did not pee on myself. Just keep up with your meds, and take care of yourself! It's no fun being sick. I wish you the best!!!!